My brother and his family have a real love for traditional Friday night dinners, so it seemed like an obvious way to celebrate Danielle and Ariel’s recent wedding, with 30 special guests at their home.  They did 98% of the cooking (yup, crazy!! I would have catered so close to Rosh Hashana).  Even with delicious food, it’s the people that make the party.  What a happy, noisy crowd.  No matter which direction you turned, there was someone else to talk to, share a story or a joke, or just catch up.

Danielle is settled into her new life in New York.  The apartment in Brooklyn is coming along. Ariel will be there next week to move stuff down.  In the meanwhile she’s back and forth and tying up loose ends.  Talking to them, they are so excited about the next steps and what the future holds.  The world is theirs and all they have to do is reach out and grab.

Frances and I decided to do complementary blogs and use this photo.  I think Ariel is getting spoiled with this being the 2nd blog about them.  However, Frances and I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the newlyweds with the rainbow wedding cake Gayle baked them.  So pretty and tasty too (with cream cheese icing).  Sending the newly weds off to a sweet start.


When will we see you again? Will it be in Toronto or New York?  In the meantime, have a fantastic adventure.

(Okay Frances, where’s your blog?)